Current Positions

Product Manager
Los Angeles, CaliforniaFull-time
Senior Software Developer
Los Angeles, CaliforniaFull-time
Marketing Automation Manager
Los Angeles, CaliforniaFull-time
Social Media Coordinator
Los Angeles, CaliforniaFull-time
UI/UX Designer - Mobile
Los Angeles, CaliforniaFull-time

Why join us?

There are thousands of new and interesting products that launch everyday, but if you're lucky, only a handful of them have the capability of transforming the way you interact with content on a daily basis. Join us and help shape the future of Discovering & Streaming TV Shows & Movies.

Our Values


About Vody

Vody was founded with with goal of creating an app that revolutionizes the way you Discover and Stream TV Shows & Movies. With hundreds of subscription services all with binge-worthy content it’s nearly impossible to keep track of new episodes, what you’ve watched/haven’t started, & which TV Shows & Movies to watch based on your individual interests. When you do find something to watch, where can you stream it instantly? We’re a small but rapidly growing team of passionate Designers, Developers, Marketers & Strategists building the future of mobile entertainment and are looking for the best of the best to join us in our journey! Discover TV Shows & Movies across hundreds of Streaming Services, never miss an episode with a personalized Watchlist, Explore or Create Playlists of Movies & TV Shows through Gifs & stream all your favorites instantly. All on Vody.